Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saints of Molokai - An 8-Day Pilgrimage Tour for the Faithful

Molokai ~ Island of the Saints
The Hawaii of 50 years ago, a timeless place
with serene seascapes, unspoiled coastlines,
deserted beaches, coconut groves, lush tropical
valleys, ancient Hawaiian culture and genuine
aloha - that’s Molokai.

Saint Damien and Saint Marianne dedicated their lives
to improving the conditions and relieving the physical
and spiritual pain of those suffering from Hansen’s
Disease (leprosy). The patients were quarantined
on a windswept peninsula at the base of a tall sea cliff.

Experience “Old Hawaii” on Molokai while walking
in the footsteps of the Saints.  Slow-paced, serene
and unspoiled, “the spirit of aloha” is abundant
on Molokai, the most Hawaiian island.

For more details, go to http://stdamienofmolokai.com
or http://stmarianneofmolokai.com
or call (808)658-0929 or (808)552-0962

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