Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hotel Molokai is serving food again!

After the dreadful fire that burned Hotel Molokai's kitchen a few months ago, food is being served again!  It is still limited, but at least there's food and reason for people to stay on into the evening without getting hungry.
     "Delicious" is how the barbecued chicken, burgers and sausages have been described by satisfied guests.  Chef Gene is doing a great job!  Word is that the menu will be expanded even more as the demand increases.
     Food is available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 9 pm.  When Na Kupuna entertain on Aloha Fridays, the food is available an hour earlier - at 4 pm to 9 pm.  What a good feeling it is to have Hotel Molokai on it's way back!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ideal Christmas Tree for Hawaii

What could be better than a Christmas/Palm Tree for Hawaii?
This delight graces the home of dear friends on Molokai.
Santa should be pleased!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday means Music at Hotel Molokai

Another Friday is here and another chance to listen to Na Kupuna play at Hotel Molokai 4 - 6pm.  This is authentic Hawaiian entertainment, unmatched  on any other island.  Truly, not to be missed!

A group of kupuna (wise elderly folks) bring their musical instruments - ukuleles, guitars, drums, what ever they play.  They give a lively and engaging performance, often interspersed with hula dancing.  What a jam!  Famous Molokai musician, Lono heads up the group and provides fascinating stories of Molokai.

Still rebuilding after the devastating kitchen fire that occurred a few months ago, there are fresh rumors that food might be available soon!

Be sure to stop at the vendors' tables to see the best art, jewelry, quilts, totes, leis and soaps made by your favorite Molokai artisans.  Take advantage of the attractive pricing - and the profits go to the artists, not hefty consignment sales commissions!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Staff Celebration at Pacifica Hawaii Salts

It was a fun night hosted by Nancy Gove, Molokai Salt Master and CEO of Pacifica Hawaii Salts.  A party was held at the main salt facility in Kaunakakai to celebrate another successful year of operation.
     Nancy is an award-winning wood sculptor, but found her true calling from the ocean's waters.  She founded two salt companies on Molokai after accidentally tasting the seasalt crystalized on her arm after an ocean paddling event.  Mmmm - that tastes good, she said to herself and the idea was born.  She went on to research and invent ways to produce healthful gourmet sea salts harvested from Molokai's sea water.  With her strong creative streak, she is always teeming with ideas - she has developed 10 varieties of gourmet sea salts.  Chefs around the world give them top marks!  Check them out at and  You'll see some of her art there too!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Molokai Marketplace is ready for the Christmas Season

A lively banner and white lattice columns mark the entrance to Molokai Walk Marketplace in Kaunakakai. 
     Located in the painted lane between Friendly Market and Imports Gift Shop - it's delightful to sit in the shade and enjoy a cold drink or hot dog from Molokai's famous Hot Dog Wagon.  Quality designer island jewelry, books, VCR tapes, yard sale items can all be found at lower than mainstreet shop prices.
     The Warehouse Gallery is the bonus at the end of the lane.  The work of Molokai's premier artists and wood carvers is located there, as well as a tasteful selection of island furnishings and home decor.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Light Parade in Kaunakakai

Most of the island turned out for the annual Light Parade.  What excitement!  This year was the best parade ever with so many floats.  Children ran to grab the candy thrown by "Santa's Helpers" as the bright lit floats glided by the crowds.  The sunset at about 5:45 pm on Saturday and the parade of floats soon followed.  There is a cash prize offered by the Molokai Chamber of Commerce, so the floats paused at the judges' table for scrutiny.  Afterwards, all the floats parked on the old ball field so people could walk around and give them a closer inspection.  The crowds proceeded to Mitchell Pauole Center across the street for food and entertainment.  The Christmas Tree and Wreath Decorating Contest entries were displayed inside the building.  The festivities were a nice kick off to the Christmas Season on Molokai.