Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ka Hula Piko is on Saturday May 4

Molokai's annual tribute to hula, which according to legend, was birthed on Molokai, happens on Saturday, May 4.  Educational events leading up to it begin on Thursday.  Ka Hula Piko has been carried on after the passing of renowned Kumu Hula John Kaimikaua.  For detailed information, go to

We are saddened that Molokai Kumu Hula Moana passed away a short time ago after a lengthy illness.  Molokai has lost another icon.

Ka Hula Piko never fails to entertain and educate.  It is an important event around which many people schedule their visits to Molokai.  This hula tradition makes it very clear that our Kupuna need to be cherished  and honored as long as they are with us and beyond.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saints of Molokai - An 8-Day Pilgrimage Tour for the Faithful

Molokai ~ Island of the Saints
The Hawaii of 50 years ago, a timeless place
with serene seascapes, unspoiled coastlines,
deserted beaches, coconut groves, lush tropical
valleys, ancient Hawaiian culture and genuine
aloha - that’s Molokai.

Saint Damien and Saint Marianne dedicated their lives
to improving the conditions and relieving the physical
and spiritual pain of those suffering from Hansen’s
Disease (leprosy). The patients were quarantined
on a windswept peninsula at the base of a tall sea cliff.

Experience “Old Hawaii” on Molokai while walking
in the footsteps of the Saints.  Slow-paced, serene
and unspoiled, “the spirit of aloha” is abundant
on Molokai, the most Hawaiian island.

For more details, go to
or call (808)658-0929 or (808)552-0962

Monday, March 25, 2013

If you must go, stay in touch!

Last weekend was a wet one for Molokai.  Surprisingly, the action was more central and west than east.  People at Wavecrest Resort reported no rain, while it was drenched downtown on Saturday morning.  Tarps covered the vegetable vendors' wears and raincoats and umbrellas were the order of the day at Saturday Market.  Many of the usual vendors didn't show up.  Some of the regulars found new locations under roof where ever it was available.

It looks like tourist season is ending early this year and many snowbirds heading home already.  Could it be the rainy weather?  Good friends will be leaving, if they haven't left already.  There's always a sense of loss when they go.  Strong relationships have formed over the years and it will be many months before they come back.

Thank goodness we can still keep in touch with our websites, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  Here's where -

TWITTER:  @CoconutMolokai    

TWITTER:  @LoveMolokai

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PINTEREST:   CoconutMolokai

INSTAGRAM:  lovemolokai

Monday, March 11, 2013

Molokai is soaking wet!

A few sprinkles around the island on Saturday March 9th were followed by a deluge of rain on Sunday.  It made for a lazy day for most people.  Lying around and snuggling up with a good book or a tub of popcorn and a movie was the order of the day.  Winter is finally here and it is almost spring!  It's supposed to be rainy until Thursday, so beach time is limited to those who prefer swimming under the waves.  Scuba is the way to go in this kind of weather - so Molokai Fish & Dive can suit you up and take you out for a dive.
    They just recently changed their location to the service station next door.  They are now pumping gas and will have their snack lineup ready in a few days.  You'll even be able to get soft-serve ice cream and pizza slices on the run!  We're wishing them the best of luck in their new digs.
    Other good news - Hotel Molokai is now serving a selection of dinners as well as sandwiches.  Gone are the days when hotel patrons and music lovers had to go elsewhere to eat because of last year's devastating kitchen fire.  Na Kupuna are still playing from 4 to 6 pm on Aloha Fridays, but now Lono is staying after 6 to play a variety of music.  His talent encompasses many genres - what a talented musician!
    These rainy days never seem to last that long and there's still fun to be had on Molokai.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Windy weather on Molokai

Saturday Market hosted very few vendors today.  Many stayed home due to the forecast of high winds.  Most who braved the weather didn't erect their tents - why chance chasing your tent to the wharf?
     George, the fresh coconut man was unable to harvest coconuts today because of the high winds, so we had to do without our customary fresh coconut juice, straight from the coconut.
    Still quite a few tourists bundled up and came out.  Thanks to the old friends that stopped by, it's always great to catch up with them.
     It sprinkled rain a couple of times and there were a few impressive gusts.  Gusts of up to 65 mph were predicted.  
     Paddler's Inn is currently installing a new roof.  I hope they have battened down the hatches!  A sign out front says they're still open for business inside.