Sunday, October 5, 2014

How a dog with bufo toad poisoning was cured

Bufo toads which abound in Hawaii kill nearly 100% of dogs and cats that mouth them.  The toads exude a  powerful toxin from their skins.

At 8:00 pm, my friend's dog had chewed on a bufo toad and was experiencing seizures with rigid limbs.

I administered salt water to its mouth by dropper, followed by charcoal mixed with water.

At 8:15 pm, I gave a single dose of homeopathic bufo 200C.  Its limbs immediately relaxed.  At 8:20, I administered a second dose.  The dog stood up and vomited profusely.

By 8:30, he was walking around as if dazed.  He continued to walk around for a while, then went to sleep.  The next day he was back to normal.

There is some skepticism about homeopathic remedies in the conventional medical community and sadly, in the general public.  When chosen correctly, a homeopathic remedy has an amazing ability to cure.  I have seen miraculous results many times and this was one of them.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Donald Sunshine Watercolors of Molokai Exhibit & Storytelling

On Thursday, January 30 at 5pm, architect / artist / author, Donald Sunshine will show & story-tell at Molokai Art Center in Kualapu'u with a reception to follow.  
     In a casual, well-practiced, minimalistic style, Donald paints seemingly effortless watercolors of Molokai's most memorable locations.  
     Multi-talented, Donald shows his work at Molokai's premier art gallery, The Warehouse, located down the painted lane between Friendly Market & Imports Gifts on Kaunakakai's main street, Ala Malama.  If you happen to miss his exhibit at the Art Center, drop into The Warehouse Gallery to see his & Molokai's other top artists' work.  See some of Donald's work        

Friday, January 17, 2014

Raining on Molokai - at last!

After months of drought, our lovely island is turning green again.  Mostly, it rains at night, so we are greeted by splashy puddles in the morning.  By mid-day, the sun is usually out and the weather is wonderful.
    Take the opportunity to sleep in, or have a leisurely breakfast at some of Molokai's cosy eateries.  A delightful coffee shop called The Tiki Shack has opened next to the Mini-Mart.  It's in the same block as Maka's Kitchen, which is now established as a great place to get take-out foods.  The mushroom burger deluxe at Maka's is a super treat that can be enjoyed outside under ample umbrellas.
   Another outstanding place for burgers and vegetarian sandwiches is located where Oviedo's Restaurant used to be - opposite the War Memorial on Ala Malama in Kaunakakai.  Don't miss their other offerings which include healthy/decadent yoghurt snacks and superb teas served in Mason Jars.
   There are plenty of other interesting places to eat on Molokai.  For certain, you won't go hungry on this island!