Friday, November 30, 2012

Na Kupuna perform at Hotel Molokai

Here's Friday again - the day Na Kupuna (wise elders) play at Hotel Molokai from 4 to 6 pm.  Life goes on there even after the disastrous kitchen fire knocked out food service.  The bar is still operating and the musicians still come and play on Fridays.
    I love to go there and set up to sell the unique designer jewelry that I create.  My copyrighted Molokai Puka Shell Rings are genuine Molokai jewelry and only available from me.
    I'm joined by some very nice and talented friends:
Inge Adolpho with her fabulous quilting, totebags, oven mits and yummy jams and jellies.
Lori Higa sells live flower leis and island jewelry.
Emily Cameron sells her beautiful handmade jewelry, also available online:
Jean Taloa sells the books she has authored and earrings
   We enjoy the chance to meet our friends and customers, many of whom only spend a few months a year on Molokai.  It's always great to see them back so we can catch up on happenings.
   I painted the portrait of Na Kupuna showing them at the end of their performance at 6 pm.  That's when the musicians stand up and the patrons join hands and together sing Hawaii Aloha and God Bless America.  Then they raise their joined hands - that is the glorious moment that I captured in my painting.  A large copy of it is displayed in the hotel lobby.  Note that it is the only authorized version of the group. They gave their blessing and written permission for me to paint their images and market prints and any other products I make with their images.  (It is not only courteous and respectful to obtain permission before using someone's image - it is also required by law.)  Check out the painting online at
Or better yet - see it in person in the lobby at Hotel Molokai!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New boat in Kaunakakai - nice!

There's a gorgeous new boat tied up at Kaunakakai Wharf.  Wonder who owns it? I saw some visitors waiting nearby - maybe it's a tour boat.  It was a lovely day to be on the water, so still and sunny.  There's just a ripple out there.  Lucky people!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clear skies,Trade Winds & Lono...

A cloudy day once in a while is a welcome relief.  That's just what we had.  Sometimes even we get tired of every day with blazing sun.  Normally, most of of us plan our activities to avoid being outside around noon.  Gardening is generally done before 9 am or after 3 pm.
      The sunny skies are back today with the return of refreshing Trade Winds.  The sun is setting earlier, it's dark by around 6 pm.  Nights are cooler and nice for sleeping - sometimes wearing socks!  After all, the temperature could drop from the 80s in the day to the high 60s at night - brrrrr!
     Last night Molokai musician Lono played at Paddler's Inn.  He is so personable and greeted every patron individually throughout the evening.  His performance seemed extra special as he demonstrated his expertise on the guitar and uke.  Check out his CDs at
Google LONO for demos of his music.
    By the way, Tuesday is "2 burgers for $15" at Paddlers - and as if that weren't enough, that is the night Lono plays!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trip to the Cube...

Took an amazing trip to an energy point on Molokai. One of the 8 points of a cubeform that has other points on land masses on different parts of the world is on Molokai. The experience was enhanced by the company of my friends, new and ancient. It's so much more fun to experience things together!

Morning walk on Kaunakakai Wharf

The phone rang this morning and came the spontaneous invitation to join a good friend for a walk on the wharf road.  "Are you dressed?"  NO was the answer.  Ten minutes later I was dressed and shoed up for the walk.
Molokai Yacht Club viewed from the pier.

                 Molokai yacht

There's so much action at the wharf in the morning.  Makoa trucks picking up huge shipments, every variety of dog walking their masters, visitors going on boating excursions... lots going on.  We walked the road twice before I had to head for my next adventure of the day - which turned out to be way more than I expected.  More later...

Monday, November 26, 2012

At last, rain in Kaunakakai

I awoke to the sound of water dripping on banana leaves - surprising loud, but the ARE big leaves!  Not a downpour, but at least some rain at long last in Kaunakakai Town.  I can remember years when the roads in town were flooded with water for several weeks at a time.  When the vehicles drove through, they left wakes the way that boats do.  There were times when good-sized boulders tumbled down cliffs, dislodged  by torrents of rain rushing down the hills.  Those times were a little extreme, but it sure would be nice to get a good soak once in a while.  It's been so dry!

Na Ohana Hoaloha - Entertaining as usual

A breakfast date with friends from Nevada at the Kualapu'u Cookhouse was a wonderful and tasty way to start Sunday morning.  Two eggs over easy with ham and abundant home fries, topped off with good coffee was our breakfast special of choice. Always friendly, the owner treated us very well.  A picturesque drive down Hwy 470 back to Kaunakakai gave us expansive views of the ocean and the island of Lanai.  The intermingling of turquoise and deep blue waters showed us the sand-bottom areas clearly.
The afternoon included a ride to Coffees of Hawaii to enjoy the music of Na Ohana Hoaloha.  Regular host, Julia is still away doing cultural work, but the band played on without her engaging wit.  Kumu Hula DJ Pelekai's hula is always perfection and we were treated to a flawless performance.  It was difficult to resist a Mocha Mama from the espresso bar, but the ample breakfast we got at the Cookhouse made us "just say no" - at least this time.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Roads empty on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day was quiet on Molokai, except cars parked in driveways and along the Kamhameha Highway.   My long drive from Kaunakakai to the east end at mealtime was virtually devoid of traffic as people had already gathered with family and friends.  Most gatherings were potlucks abounding with contributions of a huge variety of delicious foods.  I had 3 invitations for the day all over the island from east to west.  It was necessary to pace myself to be sure I wasn't more stuffed than the turkeys!  Warm greetings and expressions of thankfulness for friendships and good health were the order of the day.