Monday, March 25, 2013

If you must go, stay in touch!

Last weekend was a wet one for Molokai.  Surprisingly, the action was more central and west than east.  People at Wavecrest Resort reported no rain, while it was drenched downtown on Saturday morning.  Tarps covered the vegetable vendors' wears and raincoats and umbrellas were the order of the day at Saturday Market.  Many of the usual vendors didn't show up.  Some of the regulars found new locations under roof where ever it was available.

It looks like tourist season is ending early this year and many snowbirds heading home already.  Could it be the rainy weather?  Good friends will be leaving, if they haven't left already.  There's always a sense of loss when they go.  Strong relationships have formed over the years and it will be many months before they come back.

Thank goodness we can still keep in touch with our websites, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  Here's where -

TWITTER:  @CoconutMolokai    

TWITTER:  @LoveMolokai

TWITTER:  @StDamienMolokai


PINTEREST:   CoconutMolokai

INSTAGRAM:  lovemolokai

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